Cannot click on Start Test Now button. Stuck in Sample practice test screen

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in PTE
I click on Speaking in Free material section. Click on start it twice to go to the Sample Practice Test screen. Allow the microphone etc. I want to click on Start Test Now but when I click on it nothing happen and it still in the current screen? Other sample section for Reading Writing is the same I cannot practice anything


Shivali Ladani

We understand your concern and regret for the inconvenience you faced, this could be due to a number of reasons.

As of now, you can check for these things.

1) We request you to please clear the cookies which might be one of the reasons for that.

2) Make sure to update and enable flash player in browser settings.

3) We suggest you use the Google Chrome browser for better results.

However, if you still cannot resolve the issue then take a screenshot of that page and revert us back on  we will try to solve the issue within 24 hours.(If need we can also provide remote support)

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