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Yewon Kim
Yewon Kim
9 Month ago, in Australia Education

Hi. I am a recent graduate from the university of sydney, master of pharmacy. I am currently on a 573 visa which was granted on 1 dec 2015 and expires on 21 mar 2018. After my graduation I need to complete a one year internship program. From what I have researched, it seems that I need to obtain a temporary graduate visa 485-post study work stream. Am I correct? Also I would like to know the total costs involved if I was to process my visa application with Aussizz. Thanks

9 Month ago

Hi Yewon, 

Graduate work visa gives you right to stay & study and work full time in Australia after you have graduated. After your student visa expires you are required to apply for 485 visa so that you can stay in Australia and complete your one year internship program. 
To apply for 485 visa you need;
1. English Test
2. Skill Assessment
3. Meet health and character requirement
4. Letter of completion for the University

It is advised to get all the required documents well in advance before your student visa expires as the results for the above mentioned requirements may take some time to get to you. 
You are required to all the documents ready at the time of application. 

At Aussizz Group we do provide FREE Consultation regarding 485 visa. 
You can contact your nearest Aussizz Group office for more information

Aussizz Group Perth
Level 9, 231 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Phone: 08 9221 3020

Aussizz Group Brisbane
Suite 3, Level 4, 144 Adelaide Street, 4000 Brisbane
Phone: 07 3221 1981

Aussizz Group Melbourne
Level 1, Block Court, 288 Collins St Melbourne Victoria 3000
Phone: 03 9602 3435

Aussizz Group Clayton
Level 1, 282B, Clayton Road, Clayton, Vic 3168
Phone: 03 9900 7272

Aussizz Group Sydney
Level 9, 36 Carrington Street, Sydney 2000 NSW.
Phone: 02 9152 8585

Aussizz Group Adelaide

Level 4, 90 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: 08 8221 5264

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