How difficult to score 79

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How difficult to score 79 in PTE, what is the level of practice we should be doing to achieve the task


Maulik Vyas

Scoring 79 is difficult BUT possible! Many of our students have scored 79+ though they did not require that high points. But, if you score more, it'll benefit you more in your visa processing. 

Well, you really need to practice hard. One thing you should remember is if you want to score high, you are paying an equal attention to all of the items in all the sections. This is because PTE's sections are interlinked. Say, 'Write from dictation' is not just listening. It's writing as well! Likewise 'Read aloud' is not just speaking, it's reading as well! 

We have observed that more practice in newer material make candidate more confident. Aussizz' mock tests is the prime example. New questions, unique content, and thought-provoking passages train your brain in a better way making it ready for that beautiful figure of 79+. 

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Divya Singh

In PTE, time management is really very important so please practice more and more. It’s a waste of money and I think it’s 100% worth it to prepare properly within an appropriate space of time (4–6 weeks minimum).

Develop a good method for each task and fully understand the format.

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