Argentinean traying to pass PTE ACADEMIC

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Pablo Carabajal
in PTE
Hello, is there any Argentinean trying to study for PTE Academic? i am in the process for migration to Australia with my wife. I have my career, magestry and professional experience positively assessed. So i need to prepare my self for PTE Academic and get at least 79 + tu get my number requested. Please Help!...i can find any center in Argentina and i am willing to travel outside my country if i have to do it. Thanks a lot!!!!! Pablo


Maulik Vyas

Hello Pablo,

Scoring 79+ in each of the PTE moduels is very much possible! All you need is proper guidence. Nevertheless, we don't have any Argentinean student in our batches but we do have pupils from other cities. Aussizz excels in PTE training and thus, people from all over the state register themselves at our branch in Ahmedabad, India. 

We will be happy having you here. Generally, 2 months of coaching is sufficient to get the required score you mentioned. 

Do let us know further about your plan. 

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