how can i claim my partner's 5point?

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Hello, I have done my masters in mechanical engineering and i am the main applicant for 189 category. I am just wondering can i claim my wife's 5point? she has done her bachelor in commerce from india and has 2years of experience. if yes, then what are the required documents and what is the english proficiency requirements? thank you hitesh


Sumeet Desai

There are two types of list. 
Your occupation and your wife's occupation should be in the same list.
Your occupation mechanical engineer is in MLTSSL list but your wife's occupation is depends upon her qualification and her particular field of experience. You did not mention here your wife's experience is in which field.
if it is in same list then your wife needs to achieve 6 band in each module score in IELTS  and also needs to do skill assessment of her profile then you can claim her 5 points.

Team Aussizz

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Thank you Sumeet for the reply. My wife has done in commerce) in general with no major . And she was working in financial firm so the experience is in finance. Does she require an work experience to assess her qualification? Because i am the main applicant and she is my dependent. And is bachelor of commerce and mechanical engineering is in same skill assessment list?

thank you

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Vaibhav Patel
Hi Hitesh, 

Thank you for contacting us. The Skill Assessment for your wife could be as an Accountant depending on the Subjects she has studied. It will be hard for her to get the Positive assessment as the Bcom she has done would not have the prerequisite topics needed for Skill Assessment. 

Also she would not need to get her Experience assessed as that is not a requirement for the Skill assessment. 

Team aussizz 
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