Masters Programmes and Part time Job

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Threema Perera
in Australia Education
I'm Threema Perera. I'm 24 years old. I expect to go abroad(Australia) in order to do Masters. I'm a graduate student who have degree in Bachelor of Science in International Transportation & Logistics Management. therefore, I have some question regarding my masters and others. The questions are below: 1.What are the most demand Masters programs (except Accountings) in Australia which can get hold of Australian PR without difficulty? 2. Will Transportation & Logistics Management graduate student be entitling to do Master of Data Science/Business analysis in Australia? 3. Will Transportation & Logistics Management graduate student be qualified to do Master of Sport Management in Australia? 4. I've have been doing yoga for 5 years, therefore I'm planning to do Yoga Instructor Course, Nevertheless Can Postgraduate student work as part time Yoga Instructor in Australia?


Vaibhav Patel
Hi Threema, 

Thank you for contacting Aussizz Group. The main issue that you should keep in mind is that to get admission and then subsequent visa grant, you would need to show that the Master degree is somehow related to your Bachelors and we would recommend that you come on any course in which you are likely to get an admission such as MBA and then you can transfer to a different course after 6 months of study and we will guide you regarding which courses would suit you. 

Team Aussizz
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