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Mohsin Alam
Mohsin Alam
1 Month ago, in Australia Education

Dear Sir/Ma'am, Hello. My name is Mohsin Alam, I'm an international student and have some issues regarding my student visa that I wish to consult you about. I switched degrees, from a one and a half year degree to a two year one. My current visa is set to expire on '21st of September 2020'. However my new degree will be completed in "May 2021" and I therefore possess a COE that should allow me to extend my Visa till September 2021. As such, I wish to apply for an extension of my Visa and I wanted to ask you some questions in this regard:

1) Does the process start from scratch and will I need to resubmit all the documents that were required for the initial application?
2) My original IELTS result has expired. Will I have to give a new test? Can I give a PTE test instead? 
3) How long will this entire process take? Can it be done before my initial Visa expires or will I have to apply for a bridging visa?
4) How much will the entire process cost, including application fees and your legal fees? I wish to apply for my new Visa soon and am looking for the best assistance for this procedure. I hope that you can help me out.
Thank you for your time. Kind Regards Mohsin Alam.

Ana Moraes
Ana Moraes
1 Month ago

Hello Mohsin, thank you for your message. My name is Ana and I work as an admin.
Yes, the process starts from scratch. We need the following documents to apply for a new visa/extension-
1. Extended COE
2. Passport
3. English score - if not completed more than 50% of course
4. School completion certificates
5. Completion certificate of any other degree completed offshore or onshore.
6. Australian qualification (Academic transcripts)
7. OSHC extended according to course end date on COE
8. Financials requirement depends on passport country and education provider. 
Visa process can be started in 2021 3-4 months before visa expiry date.Visa processing time is usually
78-85 days, but due to Covid 19 department is taking longer (3 months). Immigration fee is available on their website.

Regards, Ana.

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