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Satish Narayanan
Satish Narayanan
1 Year ago, in PTE

I understand that the mock tests will be similar to how the real PTE will be. But will the mock tests give me answers too? I also understand that evaluation package will give results, but will the normal mock tests give answers too for us to verify?

Harnish Raval
Harnish Raval
11 Month ago

Dear Student,

Greetings from Aussizz!

The mock tests offered by us are the full-length mock tests. You can attempt the tests and after completion, you will be able to view the answers for all the questions and also you will be able to compare your answers with the sample answers.

You can also purchase the evaluation for the same test and get it evaluated by the experts and get the scorecard.

To purchase an evaluation, click on "Apply for evaluation" which is available in front of the test, simply click on that and go to the cart, make payment and your test will be initiated for evaluation.

If you want to purchase more than one evaluations, please go to the option "Packages" on the dashboard and choose the number of evaluations, go to the cart, make payment and your test will be initiated for evaluation

The benefits of the evaluation are as follows:

ü  Experts evaluates the tests

ü  Scoring is based on PTE scoring patterns.

ü  Scores varies 5-10% in real

ü  Save your money and evaluate yourself before taking the actual test.

ü  Know your strength and weakness etc etc


I hope you consider us for purchasing the evaluation. Our experts will provide you the feedback and areas of improvement along with the scorecard.

Team Aussizz

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