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6 Month ago, in PTE

I booked for 50 mock test but i cannot enter in to my account. Moreover, i got notification in to my mail but i cannot enter in to it. Could you please inform me the reason about

Harnish Raval
Harnish Raval
5 Month ago

Dear Student,

Please share us the email address you are registered with us on PTE tutorials and also your mobile number.

In case if you have registered with another email address and you are unable to login, please follow the steps given below:

2) Enter your username as an email address with which you have registered already.
3) Click on forget password
4) It will redirect you to another page where you need to enter your username as email address
5) Login credentials will be sent to you on the registered email address.
6) You may now visit the login page and enter details like username and password that you received on email 
7) You may now log in to your PTE Tutorials account successfully

In case, if you are yet not registered, first sign up by visiting the link given below:

2) Choose one of the packages from three and click on Get started
3) Enter your details and click on 'Create Account'
4) You will receive the login details on the email address you specified at the time of registration

If you are still facing any issue, please share us the following details on the same email address:

1) Screenshot of error message
2) Login using ( Desktop/Mobile application)
3) Browser details (Chrome/Mozilla)
4) Internet Speed (2g/3g/4g)
5) Email address used at time of registration
6) Mobile number

For any further queries, drop us an email us at support@ptetutorials.com 

Thank you,
Team Aussizz

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