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6 June,2017, in IELTS

How do I improve my IELTS vocabulary?

Maulik Vyas
Maulik Vyas
6 June,2017

• Reading newspaper is one of the best activity one can adopt for learning vocabulary. At the time of reading newspaper, one should take notebook and pen with which he can make notes of the words which are unknown to him. In this way, he will be able to collect plenty of words.

• Once one has collected words it is very important for him to retain them in mind which is only possible if he will be using them. it is advised him to make sentences over them which will make his retaining very easy.

• After this, one should find out the synonyms of these words. Majority of the times, it is seen that synonyms are used in Reading passages which always confuse the students to get the right answers. Once he has knowledge about synonyms, he will be able to answer those questions.

• Apart from it, one can learn vocabulary by installing various mobile applications in his smart phone which is quite handy to him for learn new words as everybody loves to operate mobiles.

• As I told earlier in Writing module of IELTS also vocabulary plays very important role. For getting good scores in IELTS Writing, one needs to learn connectors, phrases etc.

• Try to understand the meaning of each and every sentence. Find out the meaning of difficult words and note them down. After one or two days, revise those words by using them in your own simple sentences.

• Example: what the government should do to solve a problem?

• One answer is of course being that they should make some laws!

• There are two key words here: “legislate” the verb and “legislation” the noun. Other possible forms are “the legislature” which refers to the part of the government that makes the laws, and “legislator”

• The most common collocation is “government”, although in some countries “parliament” is also a useful word.

Moreover, grammar and spoken English sessions at Aussizz group provides many activities and materials which can help you to improve your vocabulary widely.


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