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Australia Immigration

I am trying to state the facts below: PR facts: I am currently on a 457 visa vaild till May 2021. I filed myQLD state sponsored PR (VISA subclass 190)in September 2018, got an initial response from case officer inDecember 2018asking for more information in regards to somelegal court hearings pending for me in India. While i was completely unaware of any court hearings, , i did called "High Commission of India" and they suggested incase of any hearings and adverse reports, things would be highlighted in my PCC , I got my PCC done again and received a new report on 27th December stating nothing adverse. i submitted the same response to case officer "No Court hearings Pending" to my knowledge. Tricky Part: Yesterday, after having some investigation done online, I found there are 2 court cases pending on my name (Both are related to my rough married life )1st for Interim Maintenance for my wife and 2nd under Domestic Violance ACT., but till today i haven't received any notification and summons officially. both of them were registered on 29th January 2018 and had 4 court hearing so far, all hearings says "Appreence awaited" since i was completely unaware i havent responded. For now, my Indian lawyer will take care of that. My wife now lives in India,she was here with me from April 2017 till Nov 2017. Suggestion and Services required: Since yesterday, i realized that information i provided in my application stands invalid now, i should inform the department before they conclude ,my application in a wrong manner , I seek professional services to represent myself in this particular scenario and if in worst case, wind blow in wrong direction , need someone to represent me in AAT as well. Please let me know incase anything is unclear or any more information is required, happy to discuss further and looking for a response.

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