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Australia Immigration

Hello, My nameis James King, I am contacting you in relationto Janpen Thokaew's(my wife's) Partner Visa application to Australia which was first lodged in December 2018 whilst in Australia. We were married after lodgement in Oct 2019 here in Melbourne. My wife is a Thai national,living withme here inAustralia. We were using the services of anothervisa agent in Thailand called Travelfriend Visa and Translation services. Our previous visa agent now seems to have been severelyaffected by COVID in terms of business and once was a large organisationis now down tofew people and an inability to respond to our requests has transpired. Since the partner visa was lodged I have been attending to documents required by the Dept of Home affairs and uploading these dircectly in her IMMI account. We are now lookingfor a new visa agent. I believeJanpen'svisa application via her on-line IMMI account looks healthy, as I have been attending to it as her husband makingsure inparticular specific forms were uploaded. A BUPAMVS medical exam is outstanding booked for the end of March 2021. I am however looking for a MARA registeredvisa and immigration agency to look over her IMMI account and the current Partner appliction and provide some advice if anything else is still needed. My wife is currently here with me on a Bridging B visa that will end 25 February this week. I believe this may then revert to Bridging A visa again, but I am not sure of this statement and also looking for advice on what may likel occur. Past the partner visa being granted, we are looking for her to be granted citizenship and assistance with this application. Please contact me on 0431 436687 or via return email to discuss how you may be able to help with this enquiry. Regards James King and Janpen Thokaew

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